Lionel nominated for Prestigious UFI Digital Innovations Award

Lionel nominated for Prestigious UFI Digital Innovations Award

Jun 16, 2023

Hong Kong, China – August Robotics, a leading tech pioneer in the exhibition building industry, announced that their Lionel floor marking robot is a finalist in the 2023 UFI Innovation Awards

UFI Digital Innovation Award celebrates transformative ideas

As the premiere advocacy body for the Exhibition industry, UFI has been at the forefront of championing ideas and technologies that move the industry forward.

The Digital Innovation award was raised to celebrate offerings that dare to challenge existing paradigms in exhibition construction, event participation and attendee experience.

Lionel’s nomination as a finalist is a testament to the incredible impact it has delivered for leading exhibition builders and the hard work of our team in successfully producticizing an advanced robotics system.

Automated floor marking is slashing expenses and increasing venue occupancy rates

The key criteria for this year’s award is business impact.

Lionel was originally designed to help exhibition builders increase operational efficiency, by offloading the extremely time intensive and repetitive task of floor marking to a robotic system. As our technology has improved, Lionel’s value to our customers has grown exponentially.

As a truly turnkey solution, Lionel integrates and executes all aspects of the floor marking workflow including: translating CAD plans to marking plans, delivering highly accurate floor mark painting and even marking multiple event floor plans at once.

From a business perspective this drastically reduces labour costs, improves resource allocation, reduces the risk of rework expenses, reduces material waste and energy consumption and even allows venues to increase their occupancy rates.

Floor marking is on the critical path of any exhibition, so Lionel’s benefits are felt across the entire exhibition building value chain.

See Lionel in action at UFI European Conference 2023

Attendees to the 2023 UFI European Conference will be able to experience Lionel’s floor marking first-hand with seven planned demonstrations over the 3-day conference.

The demonstrations will be held in the Southern Hall of MECC Maastricht and will showcase all of the capabilities of Lionel including:

  • Millimetre-accurate marking of a range of marks including booth corners and numbers, rigging points, electrical outlets and bespoke labels
  • Intelligent fleet operations with multiple Lionel robots working in unison
  • Advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance in large spaces

Download this flyer for a full list of event times:

Press Contact
Sanjay Subramaniam
Marketing Lead, August Robotics

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