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Lionel's technology
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How to use Lionel

Using Lionel is very simple and does not require technical knowledge

Unlock the benefits of robotic marking in three easy steps


Upload floor plan

Send your floorplan CAD file to Lionel or via our User Portal


Set up on site

Set up the Lionel system on site and calibrate Lionel so it is ready to run


Run the job

Watch Lionel navigate around the hall, avoiding obstacles and placing each mark with millimetre precision

Watch the video to see how to set up Lionel on site

Lionel's Technology

Interested in Lionel’s technology?

Here are the main features that provide it with unparalleled autonomy, flexibility and simplicity

Map Processing

Automatically translates your standard CAD plans to robot language, allowing you to use Lionel without extra work

Map Processing

Accurate Localisation

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

Flexible Marking

Full Mobility

Fleet Management

Lionel History

Since 2018, Lionel has made great technological and commercial leaps.

See how Lionel has evolved to become the leading marking robot in the world.

Early 2018

Lionel idea

A small team of engineers, led by Founder Alex Wyatt, begins work on the Lionel project

Mid 2019

Lionel Stamp Version

August Robotics releases the first version of Lionel (the stamp robot), capable of stamping booth corners for exhibition halls

Late 2019

First Customer

Lionel completes its first commercial job, in Germany

Mid 2020

Lionel Pen Version

August Robotics releases the second version of Lionel (the pen robot), capable of drawing any symbol on smooth floors

Early 2022

Lionel Spray Version

August Robotics releases the third version of Lionel (the spray robot), capable of spraying any symbol on any surface, enabling its adoption on construction sites

Early 2023

Lionel Lease Version

August Robotics offers, in addition to its existing “service model”, a “lease model”, allowing clients to rent and operate Lionel independently without needing August Robotics engineers on site

Lionel's Impact to Date

marks made

230,000 Marks

hours saved

22,000 Hours

floorspace marked

4.0 Million Sqm

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