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Diego uses hospital-grade UV-C light to autonomously disinfect your facility



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Diego's Benefits


Diego disinfects with UV-C light which has been used effectively for over 100 years (used in hospitals and military bio-defence systems)

UV-C light powerfully destroys 99.9% of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and mould

Give your staff and customers the best protection


UV-C light is not only the most powerful, but the most efficient disinfectant

Quickly destroys DNA and RNA of microorganisms on exposure

Diego disinfects each room in as little as five minutes


Diego autonomously moves around a room and from room to room based on your floorplan

Intelligently reaches every nook and cranny

Equipped with advanced navigation, obstacle avoidance and safety technology

No human supervision – free up valuable labour for other cleaning needs


Command instant disinfection at a push of a button

Or, set up an automatic disinfection schedule (e.g. floor 1 on Monday overnights, floor 2 on Tuesdays overnight)

Receive daily progress logs and reports

Clinically proven

UVC radiation has been shown to destroy the outer protein coating of the SARS-Coronavirus... The destruction ultimately leads to inactivation of the virus.

- U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Why use UVC?

UV-C is widely affirmed by medical authorities (FDA, CDC and FEMA) to be highly effective in destroying microbes including viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2), mold and bacteria (even antibiotic resistant species)

The DNA and RNA of microbes is deactivated within seconds of exposure to UV-C allowing for full buildings to be disinfected much faster than other methods (bleach, ozone etc)

It is also extremely precise and does not irradiate the environment, present additional toxicity risks or require additional protective equipment to use safely

UV-C has established itself as the most effective and safest disinfection method on the market

How to use Diego

Diego is very easy to use Unlock the benefits of robotic disinfection in three easy steps


Upload floor plan

Let August Robotics map your space or send us your digital floor plan


Set up disinfection

Use Diego’s touchscreen to command instant disinfection or set up an automatic disinfection schedule


Run the job

Let Diego navigate around the unoccupied space, powerfully and efficiently disinfecting air and surfaces

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