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August Robotics began as a budding tech start-up in Hong Kong and has rapidly expanded our footprint across Asia, Europe, America and Oceania

We have brought together an international team of the best engineering, business and creative talent to develop and deploy robots across the world

Together, we are pushing technological boundaries to create innovative, impactful and dependable products that redefine how dirty, dangerous and dull jobs are done


August Robotics was founded by Alex Wyatt. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Alex has always been fascinated and inspired by technology.

After completing undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Law, Alex received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from Oxford University. There, he completed an MBA and an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies.

Alex had always wanted to apply his entrepreneurial efforts to globally connected, technology-oriented and purpose-driven projects. In 2006, he co-founded Climate Bridge, an international clean energy and carbon trading company. By the time he exited in 2013, the company had grown its portfolio to 200+ clean energy projects, comprising more than 7GW of power and US$2.5 billion total asset value.

Hungry for an even bigger adventure, in 2017, Alex founded August Robotics with the mission to automate dirty, dangerous and dull jobs across the economy. Alex’s role quickly pivoted from tinkering with robots to leading a global team across three continents, while maintaining an unwavering mission to improve businesses through technological innovation.

Our Innovation

We don’t just replicate, assemble or incrementally improve upon existing solutions in the market

We use our optimism and resourcefulness to push technological, engineering and creative boundaries to make breakthrough innovations

What makes us different from other robotics companies?

Innovative and dependable robots

Our existing robots have world-class performance, autonomy and reliability

...that are simple and affordable

Our robots are simple to use and affordable, making the benefits of robotics accessible to all businesses

...based off a common tech platform

We can leverage our modularised technology platform to spin off new robots quickly, affordably and reliably, unlocking infinite opportunities

Our Journey

Early 2018

Lionel Idea

A small team of engineers begins work on the Lionel project

Mid 2018

Seed funding raised

August Robotics raises $3.7M in seed funding

Mid 2019

Lionel prototype released

August Robotics releases the first version of Lionel, a floor marking robot for the exhibition industry

Early 2020

Pandemic crisis

Covid-19 pandemic shuts down the global exhibition industry and customer demand, providing focused time for August Robotics to advance R&D

Mid 2020

Series A funding

August Robotics raises an additional $9.3M in Series A funding

Late 2020

Diego released

August Robotics releases the first version of Diego, a disinfection robot

Late 2022

Lionel for construction

August Robotics releases a version of Lionel optimised for marking layout for the construction industry

Our Reach

Las Vegas, USA


3400 W Desert Inn Rd,
Las Vegas,
NV 89102, United States

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