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We honor teamwork

At August Robotics, we believe that diversity is the spark for innovation and impact. We have brought together a team of top engineers and business professionals from around the world, each with unique backgrounds and a common passion for robotics.

Team Spotlight

On-Site Engineering Global Lead


Deploying robots and upskilling clients

Working with clients every day allows me to see first-hand their fascination and delight with the technology — the robots make short work of a tedious and unloved aspect of their job.

Our Team


4 Offices


15 Nationalities

average age

32 Years

Open Roles

Hong Kong


Commercial Manager

As Commercial Manager, you will play a critical role in helping move the company forward commercially through strategizing, developing opportunities, and supporting our sales and customer success teams.



Robotics Field Engineer

As a robotics field engineer, you will install, deploy and operate innovative robot technology in both the exhibition industry (Lionel) and the hospitality industry (Diego) and regularly assist our customers with training, maintenance and technical support



Project Manager

As a Project manager, you will operate as the “bridge” between our R & D team and our operation teams in Germany, UK and USA. You will work closely with the company CPO to ensure that the global engineering team is focussed on the right priorities at all times.



Robotics Student Internship

As a Robotics Field Engineer, you will be a member of the August Robotics technical team. This program will suit those with an aspiration to build a career as a robotics R&D engineer after graduation, but also to gain some practical work experience in a real-life robotics work environment before their graduation.



Robotics Test Engineer

As a Robotics Test Engineer, you will become one of the key members of the August Robotics technical team in Shenzhen. You will participate in the testing and calibration of various robot systems, as well as the deployment and implementation of automated tests.

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