Leipzig Messe Leads the Exhibition Industry with their Own Floor Marking Robots

Leipzig Messe Leads the Exhibition Industry with their Own Floor Marking Robots

Mar 22, 2023

Leipzig, Germany – August Robotics, the world’s leading autonomous commercial robotics company, announced a successful launch of their Lionel Lease offering in partnership with the renowned exhibition venue Leipzig Messe. The Lionel robots are now available for lease to exhibition clients anywhere in the world.

Leipzig Messe – an early adopter

Leipzig Messe are an innovative early Lionel customer. For more than two years, Leipzig Messe has relied on Lionel’s floor marking for numerous exhibitions. In this time, they have offered valuable feedback and ideas to improve Lionel’s capabilities. As one of the world’s top 50 exhibition companies, Leipzig Messe was the perfect fit as Lionel’s first lease customer worldwide.

Leipzig Messe provided on-site training for their personnel over the course of three days. All Leipzig Messe personnel completed their training successfully and immediately deployed Lionel to mark their upcoming exhibitions.

Immediate results and ROI

Within their first week of Lionel operation, the Leipzig Messe team had made 4,200 marks using two Lionel robots – with 1,000 of those marks completed without any supervision from August Robotics. This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates how simple Lionel is to use and how rapidly Lionel can deliver returns for exhibition customers.

The Leipzig Messe team has fully embraced the technology and it has now become an integral tool in their exhibition build process. “The floor marking robots from August Robotics enable us to take another step towards innovative trade fair services. Measuring the halls requires the highest precision and is the basis for the smooth set-up of our trade and public fairs. Our initial experience has shown that the Lionel robots meet these requirements perfectly. They have become an important tool in trade fair preparation," says Markus Geisenberger, Managing Director of Leipzig Messe.

The Lease Model – the culmination of months of innovation

To allow customers to lease and operate the robots themselves, August Robotics had to streamline all technical and operational aspects of using Lionel robots. From a technical and operational perspective, the robots have been simplified to the point where anyone can use and maintain the robots after just a few hours of training. They are now fully operated via a user-friendly tablet interface and do not require any coding or technical knowledge. August Robotics provides clients with everything they need to succeed including comprehensive training and ongoing support. By allowing customers to self-serve, August Robotics has made its world-leading robot technology easily accessible to clients anywhere in the world.

Creating this Lease offering has required extensive innovation and teamwork within August Robotics. The successful launch of the Lease offering has been extremely gratifying for everyone involved.

“We are impressed with how quickly Leipzig Messe has become proficient with Lionel. Their team really immersed themselves into the training sessions and now they are deploying the robots as effectively as we can! It is amazing that we can provide a productized lease solution even when the underlying technology is so advanced. The successful launch with Leipzig Messe is a big milestone for our company and we’re excited to bring Lionel to more exhibitions around the world.”

- Leo Li, Chief Product Officer, August Robotics

About August Robotics

August Robotics is an international mobile robotics company with a mission to build a suite of application-specific robots to automate workflows for businesses. August Robotics believes in the potential for robots and humans to collaborate and co-operate, enhancing business workflows in a manner that benefits people and businesses across the economy. Lionel, its flagship robot, is an autonomous floor marking robot available to businesses in the exhibition and construction industry. For more information visit: www.augustrobotics.com

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