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August Robotics is an international company that builds robots to automate “dirty, dangerous and dull” jobs across the economy.

August Robotics has developed world-leading robot localization and navigation capabilities, which enable our robots to perform specialized tasks with incredible accuracy. Our flagship robot, Lionel is used by clients around the world in the exhibition industry and is now expanding into other industries as well. We also have a variety of other robots, both commercially deployed (e.g., Diego our disinfection robot) and in the current development pipeline.



Lionel is an autonomous floor marking robot that can perform floor marking for trade show setup, factory fit-out, construction layout and more. Lionel can draw any marking on the ground extremely accurately and at a high speed – and only requires regular CAD plans to do so.

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Super Fast


Around the clock service


High Accuracy / No Mistakes


Increased utilization

  • Lionel is a change not only welcomed by management but also the workforce, and this is what automation should be about.

    - Steven Eckert, Hamburg Messe

  • The cost saving of reduced personnel for low-skill jobs like floor markings could have a big effect on trade shows. Our team is happy to be at the cutting edge of trade show technology with the help of our little green friend.

    - Large US contractor

  • Lionel has the ability to integrate seamlessly into the existing exhibition build-up workflow, improving accuracy and workers safety, whilst also reducing the time required for this labor intensive process.

    - DB Schenker, Strategic partner of August Robotics

  • This would take us at least three times as long. Also – our workers have to bend-over twice for ever mark. No need for this anymore!

    - Technical Head of a German exhibition venue

  • We checked all the marks and couldn’t find a single mistake!

    - Technical Head of a German exhibition venue

  • Meet “Lionel”! We are quite in love with him! Just one example of the ongoing digitalization, assisting us in automation an otherwise strenuous physical task.

    - Stephanie Wagner, Deutsche Messe


Diego is a UV-C disinfection robot designed to provide 100% reliable, high-end disinfection using UV-C light - the same gold standard of disinfection that has been used in operating theatres and high-end hospitals for decades. And because the UV-C light is applied by a robot, no surface is ever forgotten or disinfected halfheartedly.


Disinfect a 30 sqm room in 5-10 minutes thanks to targeted UV-C light exposure


Fully autonomous navigation with advanced obstacle detection


Track and report disinfection jobs


Multi-layer safety system to ensure UV-C light turns off in the presence of people

Robots Under Development


We are working on the research and development of the next generation of specialized robots for diverse industries such as infrastructure, construction and hospitality.

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