All of us have a strong desire to feel safe in the wake of COVID-19! Hotels and other establishments who fail to lift their game on disinfection will lose customers, those who go the extra mile on disinfection will position themselves for success in the post-pandemic world.

How Can Diego Help

Diego provides 100% reliable, high-end disinfection with UV-C light - the same gold standard of disinfection that has been used in operating theatres and high-end hospitals for decades. And because the UV-C light is applied by a robot, no surface is ever forgotten or done halfheartedly by Diego. Diego also seamlessly disinfects soft surfaces in the room (sofa, carpet, pillows, etc.), as well as the air.

In addition to providing a quantum leap forward in disinfection standards, Diego also allows our clients to guarantee – and prove - that disinfection was performed in a comprehensive and reliable manner.

All in all, Diego is a true and visible step-up in disinfection standards. Diego provides the differentiation needed to win in the current / post-covid environment. With Diego, hotels can show that they don’t just implement incremental changes when it comes to safety, but use truly next-level technology to maintain a hygienic environment for their guests.

Diego saves you money!

We rent out Diego with flexible service arrangements. In other words, don’t worry about a high upfront expense.

We are happy to share specific pricing information upon request. Rest assured, that our offer enables our clients to achieve significant financial returns from incorporating Diego into their housekeeping teams. Not only are our clients able to enhance their disinfection protocols, but they are able to capture cost savings, thanks to Diego!

How Does Diego Work?

Using Diego is easy and can be learned within minutes!

Use the screen on the robot – or an online dashboard – to send Diego where he has to go for disinfection. Room 121? No problem! Just a few clicks and Diego will take himself there all by himself, avoiding obstacles along the way using his advanced artificial intelligence and environment perception technology.

Once Diego is in the guest room (or the general area for disinfection), Diego moves around the room completely autonomously. He follows the optimal disinfection path and shines the required dosages of UV-C light to guarantee a safe and virus-free environment.

No complicated programming, no iPad, no carrying around of equipment, no hassle – Diego makes it easy!

Diego Key Features

Disinfect a 30 sqm room in 5-10 minutes thanks to targeted UV-C light exposure
Fully autonomous navigation with advanced obstacle detection
Long-lasting battery and high-level of maneuverability
Simple touch screen user interface
Track and report disinfection jobs
Multi-layer safety system to ensure UV-C light turns off in the presence of people
Applicable for rooms of all sizes (including restaurants)
Full-service support model – don’t worry about purchasing or maintenance, we look after everything!


Our robot Lionel is an autonomous floor marking system developed for the trade show industry. Using Lionel booth corners, electricity / rigging / sanitation points and descriptions can be marked on the floor extremely accurately and at a high speed – and we don’t need anything but the normal CAD plans to do so. Our service model ensures that the job gets done on time and that our clients don’t have to worry about upfront costs, maintenance or operation of the robots.

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Super Fast

Around the clock service

High Accuracy No Mistakes

Increased utilization

Lionel Product Explanation Video

Lionel Meets All Your Floor Marking Needs

In addition to marking booth corner, our latest version of Lionel has improved features including a drawing function to mark out any symbols or descriptions as well as increased speed. This opens a whole set of additional services in the area of rigging and electricity marks as well as booth numbers!

Electrical points

Rigging points

Booth numbers

Electrical descriptions

Lionel in Action

Lionel's Customer Reviews


August Robotics is an international robotics company committed to building a suite of robots that will work alongside humans to make labour intensive tasks more efficient, reliable and safe. Our first mobile robot, Lionel, already marks the floors of some of the largest exhibition centers in the world fully autonomously. While we keep adding functionalities to Lionel and scale up our operations, we are working on the next generation of robots in industries as diverse as construction, infrastructure, and hospitality.

August Robotics is a global company with our multi-national staff of engineers, operators, and business professionals working out of four offices in Mainland China, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. The company was founded in 2017 by Alex Wyatt and enjoys support of globally recognized investors.

Our Board of Directors

Wayne Zhang


Richard Baker


Zhang Zemin


Alex Wyatt

Chief Executive Officer

Lukas Abegg

Chief Commercial Officer

Robots Under Development

We are working on the research and development of the next generation of specialized robots for diverse industries such as infrastructure, construction and hospitality.

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August Robotics is constantly on the look-out for talented engineers and business people to join its rapidly growing teams around the world. We seek energetic, intelligent and creative people who are open to new experiences, excited by the idea of working in an entrepreneurial culture and willing to jump in and lend a hand on a range of different issues and tasks when the need arises.

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